Stressing American values of freedom, Democracy, and security, the husband of Democratic 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg told a human rights rights group Saturday that the nation is “ready” for its first gay president.

“Over the last three months of traveling the country at his side, meeting people from all walks of life, we have discovered that people are united in protecting our values of freedom, Democracy and security. Especially freedom to live an authentic life regardless of who you love or how you identify,” Chasten Buttigieg told a Houston gala for the Human Rights Campaign.

In a well-received speech, he credited HRC for helping to pave the way for Buttigieg to become mayor of South Bend, Ind., and become a credible candidate on the presidential campaign trail where he is receiving good reviews.

“Peter is ready to serve our country in the highest office and just as importantly, I think America is ready for him, because of the heroic work that you have done over the decades to help make this country more equal and more just,” said Chasten Buttigieg.