The Washington Post ripped into President Obama's Syria policy Wednesday, and said Obama has so far failed to address the growing threat that the Islamic State poses to that country.

The Pentagon admitted this week that the administration's preferred policy to train moderate rebels in Syria has yielded pitiful results, as only 60 fighters were recruited over the last year.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter's admission was the latest sign of concern that the Obama administration's strategy against the extremist group in Syria has not lived up to expectations. Syria has often seemed an afterthought for the administration's approach, behind Iraq.

"Once again, the president is reaping the consequences of his half-measures," the Post said in an editorial, citing critics of the administration who had anticipated the plan's shortcomings.

"Administration officials have a penchant for blaming Iraqi and Syrian Sunnis for lacking the 'will' to fight, without considering why that might be," the Post said. "A couple of the principal reasons are the product of Mr. Obama's policies."

The Post has been critical of Obama's approach to Syria in the past. In 2013, an editorial said Obama showed "extraordinary failure of leadership" by declining to directly intervene in the escalating civil war.