We were wondering why Wal-Mart had chosen D.C. as the location for its Thursday morning announcement on its plans to sell healthier foods. Was it because the District is so important in the stores plans to open open urban stores? Is Wal-Mart trying to tell the nation's capital that it's fat?

Well, maybe. But the real reason appears to be that they wanted first lady Michelle Obama to appear as part of the rollout and so they  centered the annoucement in her backyard.

They also did reference "food deserts," the mostly urban areas where it's hard to get fresh vegetebles and fruit. D.C. has plenty of those and the D.C. Council is working to put an end to them. But Wal-Mart said Thursday it wants to be part of the solution, too. How? By opening stores, of course.

Here's the details on the announcement from the big box giant.