The Miami Heat may win a lot of games next season and go deep in the playoffs, but if smooth public relations was the objective, they'd be headed for the lottery.

First, Dwyane Wade got himself into hot water with an unfortunate reference to the World Trade Center while talking to reporters Sunday. Of course, he then blamed the media for reporting it in an apologetic statement issued Monday.

"It appears that my reference to the World Trade Center has been either inaccurately reported or taken completely out of context," Wade said. "I was simply trying to say that losing a few basketball games should not be compared to a real catastrophe."

Never mind that Wade himself was the one talking out of context.

Dwyane, what you were "simply trying to say" is what you should've said. As for what you did say, just apologize and admit the mistake. That's the best way to avoid the real pain of a media catastrophe.