In partnership with SiriusXM Radio, Washington Examiner is proud to bring you "Mainstreet Meets the Beltway" with Salena Zito. Each week Salena brings on guests to discuss current events in the political sphere, as well as small town topics, and wide reaching trends. This week she and her two guests discuss President Trump’s rally in Erie, Pa., and the heating up Michigan Senate race.

Joining Salena from Erie is John Persinger. John is the CEO of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation. He knows the area backward and forward, from how the residents lean politically to who they voted for. The large turnout at President Trump’s rally last week left him shocked. According to John, lots of attendees didn’t support Trump during the campaign and he wonders if now that he’s seated in the White House if some of the divide has been diminished.

Shifting to a different Great Lakes bordering state, Jamie Roe offers valuable insight into the Michigan Senate race. Incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow is facing stiff competition from her Republican challenger John James. The Iraq veteran and Senate hopeful believes in “service before self,” and Jamie Roe thinks he has a real shot. Together with his PAC, Outsider PAC, Roe has launched a new ad featuring James and his parents.