Former Mexican President Vicente Fox claimed Wednesday night Donald Trump's visit to Mexico was just a PR stunt that current Mexican President Pena Nieto was in on.

"I think Trump came for what he wanted, just a picture and go back. He played the violin to Mexico to Mexican music saying exactly the opposite he is talking about in United States," Fox told CNN's Erin Burnett. "And I am sure tonight he'll be in Arizona playing the violin to those followers and he's always lying and always out of the play."

Responding to Pena Nieto's insistence that he and the U.S. candidate discussed the border wall and Trump's claim it was not mentioned, Fox suggested that they could both be right. However, Fox said the meeting as a whole was a contradiction on both men's parts.

Burnett pushed back, asking Fox whether the Wednesday meeting was not what he had called for himself months earlier.

"Yes, exactly what I mentioned that first, he learns about what Mexico really is, which he doesn't seem to know anything about it and today he learned a little bit," Fox said. "But number two, my request was for him to come and apologize to Mexico, to Mexicans in Mexico and to Mexicans in the United States. That was my demand from him which, by the way, that's what Pena didn't do today, and I think he was wrong."

Fox expressed disapproval for Trump's newfound tone toward Mexico and said the GOP nominee has only exhibited that he is a "hypocrite" over the past 14 months as a Republican candidate for president.

The meeting was a "historical mistake" by Pena Nieto, said Fox.

"Maybe he's too desperate to improve the public opinions here in Mexico and the same reasoning applies to Trump," Fox concluded.