UPDATE, JULY 23, 10: 15 A.M. Breaking the numbers down further, 12 percent of respondents who had an opinion on Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell think he is doing an excellent job, 36 percent think he’s doing a good job, 40 percent of respondents think McDonnell is doing a fair job, and 12 percent think he’s doing a poor job.

“According to this poll, 88 percent of Virginians have an excellent to fair opinion of the governor’s performance in office,” said spokeswoman Stacey Johnson. “In addition, a growing number of Virginians believe the state is moving in the right direction. Those are very positive numbers.”

Further, 9 percent of respondents think Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is doing an excellent job, 38 percent said “good,” 34 percent said “fair,” and 19 percent said “poor.”

Virginians are about evenly split on the job performance of Gov. Bob McDonnell — who recently passed the six-month mark in office — according to a poll released Thursday by Virginia Commonwealth University.

Of 700 respondents who had an opinion, 48 percent said McDonnell is doing an excellent or good job, with 52 percent saying it is fair or poor.

The poll was conducted by land line and cell phone from July 15-19, and included a random sample of 810 adults in the state. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percentage points.

“The job performance ratings are lower than what we saw for past governors at similar points in their terms,” said Cary Funk, director of the Commonwealth Poll and associate professor in the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs.

“But politics is more polarized along partisan lines these days and the economic climate is decidedly more sour than it was several years ago. Governor McDonnell has strong support from Republicans but less support from Democrats than did Governors Kaine or Warner with Republicans early in their terms.”

Indeed, two-thirds of Republicans said McDonnell is doing an excellent or fair job, compared with about a third of Democrats.

Fewer of those polled held an opinion of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Of the 570 respondents, 47 percent say he is doing an excellent or fair job, and 53 percent say he is doing a fair or poor job.

Interestingly, six in 10 adults had no opinion of the Tea Party movement, the poll said. 47 percent said the state is going in the right direction, and 37 percent said things have gotten off on the wrong track.

For the party breakdown of the poll, 29 percent said they normally considered themselves a Democrat, 25 percent identified themselves as Republican, and 34 percent were independent.