Last week, Yeas & Nays reported that President Obama's grassroots group, Organizing for America, had recruited supporters in Pittsburgh at a premier of "Eclipse," the third installment of the popular "Twilight" vampire series.

While targeting the vampire vote may have tickled Democrats and "Twilight" fans, it irritated at least one vampire. That's because he's a Republican.

Meet Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey -- a 46-year-old "vampyre," wrestler and wannabe presidential candidate for 2012.

"There are some Republicans that are now taking my candidacy a lot more seriously if they are thinking Obama is playing up to the 'Twilight' crowd," he told Yeas & Nays.

Sharkey has tried running for office on several occasions and has already filed his paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission for 2012. He has also brainstormed a running mate, former New Jersey Gov. Christie Todd Whitman, and has Sarah Palin on his "short list."

But, unfortunately, donors haven't been taking his candidacy seriously. According to his FEC filings, nobody has contributed to Sharkey's campaign committee.