An Alexandria teenager who has been detained in Kuwait for nearly month is on his way back to the United States, lawyers said Thursday.

Gulet Mohamed, 19, sued this week in federal court, saying he was apparently placed on a no-fly list without reason, and was tortured and interrogated in Kuwait at the behest of the U.S. government.

Government lawyers said at a Thursday hearing that Mohamed was being released from custody in Kuwait and is expected to arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport early Friday. Mohamed had tried flying back to Washington on Sunday, but was not allowed onto the plane.

Mohamed's attorneys with the Council on American-Islamic Relations had asked a judge to order the government to allow Mohamed to board a plane.

U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga appeared poised to issue the order, but said he didn't see a need if Mohamed was already on his way back. Trenga said another hearing would be held Friday morning if Mohamed has not returned to the country.