A former Taliban leader now thought to be an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria leader was killed in a United States drone strike.

Hafiz Saeed and 30 other insurgents were killed in a U.S. drone strike on their compound in the Achin region of Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar Province, the National Directorate of Security reported Saturday.

"As a result of efforts made by the NDS, the location of ISIS fighters' gathering was found and the information was shared with the coalition forces who then carried out an airstrike on them," the Afghan intelligence agency said.

Saeed was believed to have been a leader of the Islamic State's efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Though the terror group's size and success in Afghanistan and Pakistan is not on the same level as its efforts in Syria and Iraq, in March, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told Congress that the Islamic State poses a "terrible threat" to his country and others nearby.

With the help of allies, the Afghan government has fought back against the Islamic State's efforts in and around its borders.

(h/t CNN)