As you'll recall, last May the SEIU seized on a brilliant new tactic for protests. It seems that if you disagree with someone's business decisions its now fair game to show up at the guy's house and scare the wits out of his children. (Or at least that's what happened last May when the SEIU staged a protest at a Bank of America executive's house.)

Well, now Wal-Mart has announced they are building stores in metro D.C. Wal-mart is non-union (that's why goods there are so gosh darn affordable), so obviously the local unions are not happy about this development. So what's their plan? The fine folks at Wal-Mart Free DC (charming little smiley face logo on the website there) want to go protest at the developer's house. They've announced this protest by widely distributing a flyer with the developer's home address on it with some crosshairs thrown in for good measure. This should end well: