As Big Labor steps up its campaign for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid, a shocking new poll reveals that Americans feel union leaders are out of touch and do a rotten job representing members.

Rasmussen Reports found that just 20 percent of voters believe that organized labor leaders do a good job representing members. And 57 percent feel that most leaders are out of touch with the rank and file.

"Even among voters who are now or have been a member of a labor union, only 25 percent think union leaders do a good job representing their membership. Fifty-seven percent of these voters say most organized labor leaders are out of touch with their members," said Rasmussen.

"This is a concern to Democrats this election cycle because many union members are reportedly leaning toward Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump because of his positions on jobs and free trade even though union leaders are solidly behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton," said the poll analysis.

It comes as unions including the nation's biggest, the AFL-CIO, is working overtime to help Clinton succeed President Obama and continue pro-union policies.

"Let me tell you something: This year, America's labor movement is unleashing the most comprehensive electoral program in our history," AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said this week.

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