Daniel Burnham, one of America's most renowned architects and urban planners, in 1910 instructed his proteges to "make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood."

Now, those charged with carrying forth Burnham's philosophy have scoured the nation and chosen Tysons Corner — yes, Tysons Corner — as bearer of the most magical and blood-stirring blueprints of the year. Judges' hearts fluttered, apparently, at the urban grid friendly to pedestrians and bikers, the density around Metro stations, nearby parks and the innovative stormwater management plans.

The Daniel Burnham Award is bestowed upon one urban plan in the nation each year for "advancing the science and art of planning."

Ostensibly, the award puts Tysons in league with Burnham's greatest achievements: the District's Union Station, the National Mall, New York's Flatiron Building and Chicago's urban conception as a "Paris on the Prairie."

Applications for development are being accepted by Fairfax County officials. So far, five have come in.