Just because CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry is "off the grid" this week, it doesn't mean he's off the Twitter. In fact, the reporter, who is honeymooning with new wife Shirley Hung in the Virgin Islands, has been tweeting about his beach reading.

On his agenda for the vacation? "The Big Short," by author Michael Lewis of "The Blind Side" fame.

"I thought I was a geek for reading 'The Big Short' on the beach but then I saw what guy next to me is reading ..." Henry posted Thursday.

The book in question? "No Apology" by Mitt Romney.

"Can't you find sthing cooler 4 beach?" the correspondent wrote, adding that his buddy Kevin Madden, Romney's former spokesman, would be excited about the choice.

Henry and Hung, who both work for CNN, were wed Saturday in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. They both return to the network after their vacation.