Modern journalists tend to be dimwitted rich kids who look at Twitter too much, according to the top honcho at the Daily Caller.

"They're cowards, utterly conventional, trite and stupid," Tucker Carlson told the Observer in an interview published Monday. "They go to Twitter to figure out what they're supposed to believe … I've never hired anyone who went to journalism school, and I never would. They're boring rich kids with an overabundance of parental money."

"The average reporter hasn't seen a gun and doesn't know what end the bullet comes out of. We cover guns in a straightforward way," he added.

Carlson, who formerly wrote for the the Washington Examiner's sister organization, The Weekly Standard, began his own news site in 2010. It now ranks in the top 50 list of sources for online news, and employs approximately 80 people.

"I had no job, a lot of energy and the desire to build something new," Carlson said, explaining that he was seeking to fill a conservative niche that no other organization would. "The Washington Post decided it was their job to stop Donald Trump, and Breitbart decided it was their job to get Trump elected."

"But the thing about primaries is they end. And we're not kingmakers, we're journalists," he said. "Our strategy is the same as any other news organization: get bigger and get more profitable."

As to the type of people he does want to hire, Carlson said, "I like bizarre, unqualified people if they're interesting."