The 19-year-old Virginian who scaled Trump Tower last week chose to climb the Republican nominee's Manhattan skyscraper Aug. 10 because his parents were out of town, giving him an opportunity to sneak away without their knowing, according to court documents from the defendant's Wednesday arraignment.

But Stephen Rogata apparently failed to check Donald Trump's campaign site before making his trip to New York, or he would have learned the candidate was rallying in his home state and would not be present for his climb up the glass walls of Trump's residence tower.

Rogata, whose birth name is Michael Joseph Ryan, may have been trying to share with Trump information he had read online. The teen ran away from home in 2014 after his parents revoked his Internet access because he had been spending too much time on a "blog on government issues in the United States," a Fairfax County, Va., police report states. It's not clear what information he had discovered on the Internet and if that was what he had planned to share with Trump.

Witnesses testified that Rogata told first responders who eventually pulled him into the building's 21st window that his "intention was to get a private meeting with Mr. Trump and give him secret information." He started his climb from a fifth-floor balcony and ascended 16 floors before he was apprehended.

Rogata bought suction cup devices on Amazon to climb the all-glass building and had practiced on a three-story building near his house in Great Falls, Va., just outside the nation's capital, defense lawyer Tara Collins told the Manhattan Criminal Court judge.

"At best he was doing something profoundly stupid," Collins told the judge.

Pierre Griffith, an assistant district attorney, said Rogata's actions were the result of "a well-thought-out, planned stunt."

Rogata is in a Manhattan psychiatric facility and is being held on a $10,000 bail bond or $5,000 cash. His defense lawyer said there remains "concern of an ongoing or burgeoning mental health issue."