Donald Trump is on a quest to "Make America Great Again," one baseball cap at a time.

The Republican presidential candidate — known for his multi-billion dollar real estate empire — has capitalized on the overwhelming response to his latest fashion accessory by launching a business in unisex headwear.

Trump traveled to Laredo, Texas on Thursday where he met with local law enforcement officials and held a press conference before touring the border. But when the business magnate arrived at the airport, his white baseball cap, adorned with the candidate's campaign motto, quickly stole the show.

Less than 24 hours after the Internet lit up in reaction to the Republican candidate's fashion statement, Business Insider reported that reproductions of the hat appeared at the Trump Tower store in New York City. Trump's supporters can purchase the hats for $20 each at the real estate mogul's Manhattan-based skyscraper or order them directly from his campaign website.

The hats are reportedly available in red, white, and blue and an employee told Business Insider that the store had just two left over at the end of business on Thursday — the same day Trump arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump will travel to Oskaloosa, Iowa over the weekend for a campaign event at a local high school. Whether his now-famous headpiece will make an appearance has yet to be determined.