Donald Trump pushed back against suggestions that he has begun to soften his immigration positions by arguing that he would start deportations for criminally-charged illegal immigrants on "day one."

"My stance is very strong it's going to remain very strong," Trump said during an appearance on Fox News' "On the Record." "There will be no amnesty."

The Republican nominee said his immigration plan still centered on the construction of a wall along the southern border, an area he said he would secure "very, very, very fast."

Supporters had questioned whether Trump's recent pledge to "work with" some undocumented immigrants signaled a shift away from the hardline immigration policies that helped him win the primary.

Trump rejected Hillary Clinton's argument that she would better represent African-Americans, claiming that his Democratic rival is only interested in winning minority support for electoral reasons.

"All she wants to do is get the votes of the African-Americans and the Hispanics," Trump said. "And then she'll say, 'I'll see you in four years.'"

The real estate mogul echoed his recent pitch to the black community, which highlights the fact that Democrats have presided over the decline of life in urban centers.

"They've run the inner cities for years and look what you have?" Trump said. "In many cases, they're worse than war zones."

Clinton hammered Trump in a speech Thursday dedicated to tying the GOP nominee to the racist fringe of his party, a characterization rejected by the Trump campaign.

Trump, in turn, has accused Clinton of being a "bigot" for pandering to minority groups without offering meaningful reforms.