After President Obama labeled Donald Trump "unfit to serve" as commander-in-chief, the GOP nominee responded with a statement blasting the president and arguing Hillary Clinton is "unfit to serve in any government office."

On Tuesday, Obama called Trump "woefully unprepared" to serve as president of the United States, and Trump did not wait long to return with a negative attack of his own.

"Obama-Clinton have single-handedly destabilized the Middle East, handed Iraq, Libya and Syria to [the Islamic State], and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered at Benghazi," Trump said in a statement before listing a litany of grievances with Obama and Clinton. "They have betrayed our security and our workers, and Hillary Clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office."

Trump continued, "She is reckless with her emails, reckless with regime change, and reckless with American lives. Our nation has been humiliated abroad and compromised by radical Islam brought onto our shores. We need change now."

Trump campaigned in Virginia on Tuesday where the billionaire booted a crying baby from his rally.