An African-American surrogate for GOP nominee Donald Trump said Monday that he is sorry if he caused offense by posting a cartoon to social media depicting Hillary Clinton in blackface.

"The Bible says if you do something and it offends a brother or sister, even though I personally may not think it was wrong, if it's offensive to one brother or one sister, then absolutely, I apologize for – you know, of course I don't want to offend anyone," pastor Mark Burns told NBC News' Hallie Jackson.

Earlier Monday afternoon, Burns tweeted a political cartoon accusing Clinton of racial pandering.

"Black Americans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES and letting me use you again … See you again in 4 years," the pastor said in a note on Twitter, pretending to imitate the Democratic nominee.

The not-at-all-subtle cartoon shows Clinton holding a sign that reads "—— the police!" It also shows her saying, "I ain't in no ways tired of pandering to African Americans."

Burns, who appears regularly at Trump campaign events, also retweeted several notes accusing Clinton of racial bigotry and pandering. One message depicted Clinton with braided hair:

And another note included a photo purporting to show a young Bill and Hillary Clinton at a costume party, with the latter sporting blackface: