Donald Trump has faced a lot of defections in the business world since his inflammatory immigration comments earlier this week, but what appears to have shocked the presidential candidate the most was NASCAR's decision to dump him.

"I was quite surprised by NASCAR because these are people that want to stop illegal immigration and don't want to see crime," he told Fox & Friends on Saturday.

NASCAR said earlier this week it wouldn't hold its season-ending awards ceremony at Trump National Doral Miami, according to NBC News.

The billionaire entertainer has largely stood by his controversial comments that many Mexican immigrants are "rapists" and are bringing crime and drugs across the border.

He said that this was a safety issue that needs to be addressed, but his stance has been vilified.

"If you talk about it you are a racist," Trump told the Fox & Friends hosts.

He added that he "loves the Mexican people and the spirit of the Mexican people."

Trump also weighed in on the alleged shooting of a San Francisco tourist by an illegal immigrant who was allegedly deported five times by the U.S.

Kathryn Steinle was allegedly shot by illegal Mexican immigrant Francisco Sanchez in a random attack on Wednesday, according to Fox News.

"This is something that should have never taken place. He was sent out of the country many times," Trump said.

After Trump's immigration comments during his presidential launch last month, a deluge of businesses have sought to sever ties. Most notably NBC Universal dropped him as host of the "Apprentice" reality show and won't air the "Miss USA" pageant, which has ties to the billionaire.

Trump's comments haven't hurt him too badly in the polls. He is currently second in a CNN/ORC poll of the GOP field with 12 percent, right behind Jeb Bush with 19 percent.

Trump took swipes at his 2016 opponents, noting that Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been very weak on immigration. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry could have done "a lot more" while he was in office "in terms of protecting people," Trump said.

The billionaire did praise Texas Senator Ted Cruz's stance on immigration, calling him "very brave."