Run for president and your business will grow — at least according to Donald Trump.

The GOP nominee said under oath during a deposition he gave in a lawsuit stemming from his Washington, D.C., hotel that his presidential campaign has been good for his businesses.

"I think people like politics. And they like to be around the name and maybe me," Trump said in the deposition obtained by the Washington Post. "I think people really dig it."

At one of his properties in Palm Beach, Trump claimed a manager told him that his campaign has helped contribute to "the best year we've ever had."

"Well, maybe the success of the campaign. You know people have said there's never been anything like this," the billionaire businessman said.

The deposition was filed in D.C. Superior Court late Friday. Trump has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Geoffrey Zakarian, a famous chef who was set to open a restaurant in Trump's soon-to-open hotel. However, following Trump's comments that Mexicans are "rapists" and "drug dealers" in June 2015, Zakarian pulled out and the business contract was breached.

According to the Post, Trump's deposition was more like a campaign trail speech then a defense of a business contract.

He also stood by his comments on Mexican immigrants, calling the issue a "very big topic."

"Which is a topic that, you know, has led to my nomination in a major party in the country. So it's not a very out-there topic," Trump added.

Trump also blamed the media for misinterpreting his comments, which he said he had planned to say anyway despite not being part of the prepared speech.

"I think the media is very dishonest. But all I'm doing is bringing up a situation which is very real, about illegal immigration. And I think, you know, most people think I'm right," he said, also adding that he had made similar statements about immigration before announcing his presidential campaign and before he and Zakarian made a business deal.

Trump also bragged about what his campaign has done for his brand — all good things.

"You know people have said there's never been anything like this. I've tapped into something. And I've tapped into illegal immigration. I've tapped into other things, also. But, you know, when you get more votes than anybody in the history of the party, history of the party by far, more than Ronald Reagan, more than Richard Nixon, more than Dwight D. Eisenhower who won the Second World War, you know, that's pretty mainstream, when you think about it," he said.