Donald Trump slammed the mainstream media on Wednesday for the coverage that followed his recent comment about "Second Amendment people" stopping Hillary Clinton from pursuing an anti-gun agenda as president.

A handful of pundits and journalists accused Trump of inciting violence or making an "assassination threat" against his Democratic opponent after he told supporters at a rally on Tuesday that if Clinton "gets to pick her judges, [there is] nothing you can do … although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said the comment should lead Republican leaders to "start examining quickly their options for removing [Trump as] the Republican nominee." And former CBS anchor Dan Rather said Trump had committed a "direct threat of violence against a political rival."

"The press is so dishonest. I mean what we're fighting is incredible," Trump said at his evening rally in South Florida. "I'll tell you, the biggest rigger of the system is the media."

"The media is unbelievably dishonest. Unbelievably dishonest. In fact, I would actually say that the media is almost as crooked as crooked Hillary Clinton. I mean that."

"I mean look at the way they covered that story yesterday," Trump said of his comments about Clinton. "Was that disgusting? Was that not disgusting?"