Donald Trump next week will reportedly unveil an economic blueprint that makes huge cuts to corporate taxes.

Stephen Moore, who was recently named to Trump's economic advisory team, told Bloomberg TV that the GOP nominee will restate his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent. If enacted, it would be one of the biggest tax cuts since the Reagan administration.

Trump has also come up with a plan to cut the amount of tax revenue lost under the plan by two-thirds to about $3 trillion, Moore told Bloomberg.

Trump's tax plan has four goals: to provide tax relief to the middle class, simplify the tax code, improve the economy and not increase the national debt. According to a plan posted on his website, single people who earn less than $25,000 or couples that earn less than $50,000 will owe no income tax.

All other Americans will fall into four tax brackets, instead of the current seven. He will also change it so no corporation pays more than 15 percent in taxes, and he will eliminate the death tax.

Moore said the plan also includes a strategy to reform American energy to make it one of the biggest producers of oil, gas and coal.

Trump will address the Detroit Economic Club on Monday at the city's convention center.