Donald Trump promised at a campaign event in Austin, Texas, Tuesday evening that he'd appoint law enforcement specialists to dismantle violent gangs and cartels, and said his administration would focus exclusively on restoring law and order.

"Together we will create a safe community for every citizen in the land. But especially those, and for those who have not known safety in a very very long time," he told an excited crowd. "And there are plenty of people in our country who have not known safety for a long time."

"That includes appointing an attorney general and a Secretary of Homeland Security who are completely committed to upholding the law," Trump added. "I will appoint federal officials and investigators who will work hand-in-hand with police and citizens to dismantle gangs, cartels, and criminal syndicates terrorizing our people. And they are all over the place."

He continued, addressing members of the African-American community specifically.

"I will appoint prosecutors who will go into the most dangerous communities in America and work to liberate our citizens from violence and fear," he said. "All citizens deserve to be protected. No American will be left behind."

"A Trump administration is going to restore law and order," he said.