Donald Trump has weaved a secondary campaign slogan into each of the speeches he's delivered since his advisers decided it was time to use teleprompters — one that promises a "new legacy" for the country if he wins the White House.

"I am promising a new legacy for America. We are going to create a new American future," the Republican presidential nominee told voters in Akron, Ohio Monday night.

Trump's commitment to delivering a "new American future" first emerged during his speech last Thursday in Charlotte, N.C., the same day he promoted veteran GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway to be his campaign manager and hired conservative media mogul Steve Bannon as his campaign's chief executive.

In one form or another, Trump promised voters in Charlotte; West Bend, Wis., Dimondale, Mich.; Fredericksburg, Va. and now Akron, that his proposals will introduce a new era of prosperity, unity and tolerance in a nation that has been divided and decimated by Democratic policies.

"We will win this election … We will defend our freedom, our jobs and our economic independence," Trump said Monday evening. "It's going to be America first."

Tailoring his message to the working class voters of the Buckeye State he hopes to win over in November, Trump vowed to eliminate job-killing regulations and approach multinational trade agreements with a solid dose of skepticism.

"If you are not prepared to put American workers first, then you should not hold or seek public office," he said. "It's just that simple."

Trump's speech in Akron comes on the heels of a new Monmouth University poll that showed him trailing Hillary Clinton by 4 percentage points, 43-39, in Ohio, a state that every Republican who has won the White House has won.