Possible vacancies on the Supreme Court leave Republicans with "no choice" but to get behind GOP nominee Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman said Wednesday in a message directed at disaffected conservative voters.

"If you dislike me intensely," he said during a campaign speech in Jacksonville, Fla., "If you say, 'I would never in a million years vote for Donald Trump': You have to. You have no choice."

"You have no choice," he said to thunderous cheers. "Sorry. Sorry."

He warned the crowd that there could be as many as five openings on the Supreme Court very soon, meaning Democrats and Republicans will have a chance to stack it with judges of their choosing.

And Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would no doubt fill those vacancies with progressive liberals, he added.

"When crooked Hillary puts [judges recommended by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.] on the Supreme Court, we've got ourselves another Venezuela, folks," Trump warned. "We're going to have a Venezuela and it's going to be bad."