Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told MSNBC that President Obama "dealt from desperation" in the Iran nuclear deal.

"He dealt from desperation, and he shouldn't have been desperate," Trump said. "First of all, we're giving them billions of dollars in this deal, which we shouldn't have given them, we should have kept the money."

He also chided Obama for not demanding the release of the four American prisoners in Iran as part of the deal. He said that, had Obama stood his ground, the prisoners would have been released immediately if "the right messenger delivered that message."

Trump said, said the principle of the agreement is "terrible" because the U.S. does not have the ability to inspect Iran's nuclear facilities "immediately."

"Any time, anywhere, we have to be able to go in and inspect, and if you don't have that, you have nothing because you know the Iranians are going to cheat," Trump said.

"They're great negotiators, and you know they are going to cheat," he said.