Former CNN host Larry King, a long-time friend of Donald Trump, said the Repubilcan presidential candidate is not racist, despite what some have said about his stances against Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants from Mexico.

"There's a lot to be said for Donald Trump. He's a good guy, he is really a good guy. He is not a racist, he plays to that crowd," King told MSNBC host Chris Hayes Tuesday night.

The syndicated TV and radio host only praised Trump during his interview, reflecting back on the duo's three-decade friendship. King, who said he has also known Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for the same amount of time, wouldn't specify which candidate he wants to win it all.

King said Trump's 10-month campaign was probably never meant to get this far, even saying Trump likely didn't expect people to take him so seriously, but the media's "cartoonish" coverage of him has contributed to his success in drawing out millions of voters more than in 2012's primaries.

"He's the number one story in the campaign. Bernie Sanders is the number two story," King said. "Two outcasts, two guys coming from left and right field, coming at you. The betting is Trump might be favored to get the nomination, Sanders maybe won't, but they will go down as forces forever."