ASHBURN, Va. — Donald Trump tore into the New York Times on Tuesday, claiming reporters at the decades-old paper are emotionally attached to the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming president.

"They want Hillary Clinton to win so badly," the Republican presidential nominee said to an audience nodding in agreement.

"They cry, they beg," Trump said of the Times' staff. "The editorials are unbelievable. I mean, here's a woman who is a total crook."

Trump declined to name the reporters with whom he takes issue, noting, however, that "they have some good ones."

During a rally on Monday night in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Trump said the Times would still be critical of him he developed "a cure for the most horrible disease in the world."

"They'd give me a front page horrible, horrible story," he claimed.

The Times, which endorsed President Obama's re-election bid in 2012, has not yet endorsed Trump or Clinton in the general election.