Donald Trump weighed in on growing concerns Monday that a discussion of Shahram Amiri, an Iranian scientist who was recently executed in Iran, in Hillary Clinton's private emails may have exposed his cooperation with American officials and led to his recent execution.

Clinton had publicly compared Amiri to hostages being held in Iran when the scientist left Washington, D.C., for his home country in 2010.

But in emails sent through her unsecured server and published by the State Department in August, Clinton and her aides referred to Amiri as "our friend."

The release of the emails was not the first time that Amiri's true relationship with the U.S had been reported. In 2010, the New York Times quoted U.S. officials saying Amiri was paid $5 million for giving information about the country's nuclear program to the CIA.

Iranian judiciary officials blamed Amiri's execution on allegations that he had provided information about the country's nuclear infrastructure to the "Great Satan," America.

The State Department refused to comment on the role Clinton's emails may have played in Amiri's death Monday when a spokeswoman was pressed by reporters.

Trump has frequently suggested Clinton's email server was the target of various cyberattacks, although the FBI concluded last month that there was no evidence to suggest the network had been breached.