Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is coming after the "liberal mainstream media" for distorting recent comments he made about immigrants being criminals and "rapists."

On Wednesday, Trump posted a press release to his Instagram profile that quoted President Obama referring to illegal immigrant "gang-bangers," and asked why there were few news reports pointing it out.

"The media and others have attempted to distort Mr. Trump's remarks and portray him as a racist, when his remarks are far less controversial than President Obama's," said the release on Trump's Instagram profile. "It is our expectation that the media responds to President Obama with the same vitriolic manor [sic] for his statement made earlier today. Where is the outcry from the liberal mainstream media demanding an apology from the president?"

To be sure, Obama's quote was mostly highlighted by conservative outlets like Breitbart News and the Daily Caller. More mainstream publications did not cover the quote, which Obama said at an event in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday.

Trump said in the statement that Obama's "gang-bangers" comment "reflects the serious problems associated with illegal immigration and the inability of politicians to secure our borders."

Since Trump's initial comment about some immigrants coming across the south border being "rapists," several companies, including Macy's, Univision and NBC Universal, have severed their business ties with him.