Donald Trump tore into Hillary Clinton Tuesday over her recent remark about how she "short-circuited" in her answers about the handling of her emails, saying he would be "executed" if he made such a comment.

Trump, who was appearing at a campaign rally in North Carolina, argued that the media and others in the political world would be "calling for my execution" if he made this sort of comment, which Clinton made on Friday before a panel of journalists.

"She said the other day she said she 'short-circuited.' Could you imagine if I said I 'short-circuited?' They would be calling for my execution. They'd bring back the electric chair. It would be a whole different ballgame if I said it, believe me."

Trump went on to quote a new book by former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, titled Crisis In Character, hitting Clinton for having a "volcanic" and "impulsive" leadership style, before going after her decision-making.

"And she makes bad decisions," Trump told the supporters. "You know, it's one thing to make bad decisions. It's another thing to be wacky and make bad decisions."

Earlier in the event, Trump announced to the crowd that Clinton didn't have the "moral character" to be president, also repeating his claim that Clinton will do damage to the U.S. from "within," which he first claimed last Friday during a campaign event in Iowa.