Donald Trump said Thursday he is not worried about getting supporters to come out to the polls this November.

"I don't know that we need to get out the vote," the Republican nominee told Fox News' Eric Bolling late Thursday. "I think people that really wanna vote are gonna get out and they're gonna vote for Trump."

The billionaire Manhattanite, who starred in his own reality television show for more than a decade, believes his national notoriety combined with his non-political experiences as a businessman will be enough to motivate voters. Trump predicted "tremendous voter turnout" from evangelicals, miners, steel workers, those affected by bad trade deals, the unemployed, military and veterans.

Trump's campaign is so confident in his unique style and background that it's mainly relied on the non-traditional tactics of letting Turmp tweet his candid thoughts and self-fund his campaign to victory.

The Trump campaign's turnout operations have largely been outsourced to the Republican National Committee. Some GOP officials are pleading with the RNC to stop funding Trump and put more resources toward congressional races instead.