Donald Trump has hired Republican strategist Tim Clark to direct his campaign operation in California. The move comes as Trump's chances of clinching the GOP presidential nomination look less likely without a big win in the Golden State's primary on June 7.

"I am pleased to bring Tim on board to organize what is a very important state. I know he will be an asset to the team and ultimately deliver a win in California,'' Trump said in a statement released by his campaign Tuesday afternoon.

Clark joins the Trump campaign after serving as chief of staff for Republican State Sen. John Moorlach and president of his own strategic communications and public affairs firm in California's capital of Sacramento.

"This is an exciting time for the Republican Party," he said in a statement Tuesday. "Donald Trump's message of fiscally sound government, restored economic prosperity, and strong national security is re-energizing our party's conservative base."

Trump currently leads state-level polls of GOP voters in California, but only 7 percentage points separate him from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the state.

If Cruz is able to pick up delegates in the Northeastern and Western states set to vote in late April and early May, the outcome of California's Republican primary could end up determining whether the party will face a contested convention the following month.

Because California awards its delegates on a winner-take-all system by congressional district, a number of victories across the state by Trump could bring him to the 1,237 delegate count needed to secure the nomination outright.

But if Cruz picks up delegates between now and June 7, and proceeds to outperform Trump in a greater number of California's congressional districts, he could keep Trump not only securing 1,237 delegates but from reaching a majority.

"We have a very important job to do in California," Clark said Tuesday, stating the importance his state might play in determining whether Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Clark added, "By harnessing the excitement surrounding Mr. Trump's candidacy, it's our intention to deliver 172 delegates for Trump to the national convention."