Donald Trump broke briefly from a prepared address Tuesday evening in Austin, Texas, to bring the families of Americans killed by illegal immigrants on stage to give their testimony.

"Thank you, everyone, for believing in Mr. Trump, because he has certainly alleviated our fears," Laura Wilkerson, a mother of one such victim, told the crowd. "I'm telling you, my son was systematically tortured, beaten, murdered and set on fire. I'm an average American family. If this can happen to my family, it can happen to yours."

Wilkerson works closely with the Remembrance Project, which seek to raise awareness about violence committed by illegal immigrants.

"I'm looking forward to voting in Mr. Trump who will end this slaughter of Americans," she said to thunderous applause," she continued. "I want you to remember there are so many people and families with the Remembrance Project that are on their knees in grief that they can't get out and talk about it. Pray for those families today."

A second woman, a legal immigrant named Agnes, whose only son was killed by an undocumented immigrant, then approached the podium.

"Mr. Trump is the only one that's going to protect your children from being slaughtered like my son was," she said.

A third woman, Mary Ann Mendoza, took the microphone.

"My son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, a Mesa, Ariz., police officer, was killed when a repeat criminal illegal alien drove over 35 miles the wrong way on four different freeways in Phoenix on May, 12, 2014, and slammed head on into my son when he was on his way home from work," she said.

The illegal alien was a repeat offender and had already been arrested once in Colorado.

"As I was talking to Mr. Trump earlier, please, please, please research the judges who you are voting for also, because we've got crooked federal judges in our court system," Mendoza said.

A fourth and final woman, a legal German immigrant, took the stage to retell how her only child was killed four years ago by an immigrant in the United States illegally.

"So if you feel that compassion for illegal families not being separated," she said as she held up an urn, "this is what I have of my family: his ashes. I have no family left, and the only one that will protect you, your family and future generations is our next president, Mr. Donald J. Trump!"

The women were then ushered off stage as Trump resumed his regularly scheduled program.