Donald Trump is expected to receive his first classified intelligence briefing in New York on Wednesday, according to multiple reports.

The Republican presidential nominee's initial briefing reportedly will take place at a secure FBI facility and be conducted by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the chairman of Trump's transition team, and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a national security adviser to the candidate, will also be present, according to Fox News.

The briefings, which have been conducted for both major party presidential nominees since the 1950s, are intended to prepare Trump and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, for their potential transition into the White House, where either candidate would receive daily briefings as commander in chief.

It is not clear when Clinton will receive her first briefing from intelligence officials.

House Speaker Paul Ryan had previously requested that she be denied access to classified material due to what FBI Director James Comey described as her "extremely careless" handling of sensitive information as secretary of state, though his request was shot down by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Democrats have leveled similar arguments against exposing Trump to classified information, claiming he is too reckless and adulatory toward Russian President Vladimir Putin to be trusted with state secrets.

During the Aspen Security Conference late last month, Clapper said the briefings each candidate will receive are unlikely to expose them to sensitive information beyond what is needed to keep them up to date on "fairly general" intelligence.