Donald Trump launched a searing attack against Hillary Clinton on Thursday, describing the State Department under her leadership as a "vast criminal enterprise."

"This has been a very historic week in American politics," the Republican presidential nominee told a crowd in Manchester, N.H., where his meteoric rise to the top of the GOP ticket first began.

"This week the curtain was lifted," he continued. "The corruption was revealed for all to see. The veil was pulled back on a vast criminal enterprise run out of the State Department by Hillary Clinton."

Trump blasted Clinton for taking meetings with and granting access to lobbyists, government officials and foreign donors who contributed to the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state. He continued to criticize her private email practices as the nation's top diplomat, following news this week that she failed to turn over nearly 15,000 additional emails to federal investigators.

"Hillary Clinton's actions constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise," Trump said. "What is being uncovered now is one of the most shocking scandals in American political history."

"It's Watergate all over again," he added. "It's Watergate."