Donald Trump has asked voters in a new survey whether they trust news outlets to "fairly" cover his presidential campaign, his latest assault in his war against the mainstream media.

The Republican presidential nominee released a 30-question "Mainstream Media Accountability" survey on Monday that his campaign will use to determine whether Americans agree with the charges he has leveled against members of the press.

At a Saturday night campaign rally in Connecticut, for example, Trump told his supporters that he is "running against the crooked media," not Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

The survey features a series of multiple-choice questions, as well as statements that respondents can agree or disagree with, such as:

  • "The mainstream media takes Donald Trump's statements out of context, but bends over backwards to defend Hillary's statements."

  • "The mainstream media needs to do more to expose the shady donations to the Clinton Foundation."

  • "The mainstream media played a critical role in electing President Obama and is now attempting to do it again for Hillary Clinton."

  • "People of faith have been unfairly characterized by the media."

  • "In order to preserve whatever journalistic integrity they have left, the mainstream media must come forward and admit Hillary lied about her secret server."

It also asks people whether they trust certain news outlets:

Respondents were asked to disclose which online news outlets they regularly visit for information. Nearly all of the options listed were right-of-center publications, ranging from the Daily Caller and Breitbart to the Washington Free Beacon and National Review.

It is unclear what the Trump campaign plans to do with the survey. A spokeswoman for the campaign did not return the Washington Examiner's request for comment.