Donald Trump's Washington State campaign office sent an email Friday morning seeking pro-Trump individuals to run to be delegates. The email, however, was reportedly received by "Washington" residents located 3,000 miles away in Washington, D.C.

"I could see how that would happen," a volunteer for the Trump campaign's office in Vancouver, Wash. told the Washington Examiner.

"It would be a very easy thing to occur. Washington and Washington, [D.C.] – they're spelled the same," he said, suggesting that some Trump supporters may have failed to indicate they live in the District when they submitted their contact information to the billionaire's campaign.

Nevertheless, a former adviser to ex-White House hopeful Jeb Bush quickly pointed out that the email contained additional errors, beyond just being sent to residents of the nation's capital.

The email, titled "Trump Invitation," sought to remind voters in Washington State of conventions happening this Saturday, where delegates will be chosen to attend the state's Republican convention in mid-May.

"You can still be elected as a Trump Delegate at your GOP County Convention this Saturday!" the April 8 email read, noting that the filing deadline for an individual to declare their candidacy for delegate was April 6 – two days before the email, which was obtained by the Examiner, was sent out.

An intern for the Washington State GOP later explained that in order to have a candidate for delegate's name printed on the ballot, they would have had to declare their candidacy 72 hours before their county's convention.

"However, you can still be nominated of the floor at the county convention. They just won't be on the ballot," he said.

The email also listed only seven of the eight counties that are slated to elect delegates this Saturday.

King County, the most populous county in Washington State, was excluded from the email despite planning to hold its final round of district caucuses on April 9. Twelve of King County's 16 districts have already elected their delegates, the executive director for the King County GOP told the Examiner.

The last round of county conventions in Washington State will take place on April 16, just under a month before the statewide GOP convention where 41 delegates are chosen to attend the Republican National Convention in July. Those 41 delegates will be bound proportionally to support the candidates who perform well in Washington's May 24 presidential primary on the first ballot at the national convention.

A spokeswoman for the Trump campaign did not respond to the Examiner's request for comment. Paul Manafort, Trump's newly-hired delegate collector, could not be reached for comment.