Donald Trump's new campaign manager shot down reports on Tuesday that her candidate is changing his tune on immigration after Trump delayed an immigration speech he was due to give this Thursday.

"You know, we inherited this schedule and although I think it's a great idea to have that kind of speech and certainly put together a full plan, immigration is such a complex issue and Mr. Trump has been taking the counsel of many different people on this," Kellyanne Conway said when on "Fox and Friends." "He obviously has some very strong feelings and policy prescription with respect to immigration, but he's speaking to people to understand how to execute on those ideas."

Trump's camp announced Monday night that his speech would be delayed, and his campaign has denied it is because he is making drastic changes to his immigration policies, such as his controversial plan to deport roughly 11 million illegal immigrants.

When pressed if the speech delay is because of a change in immigration ideas, Conway pushed back, citing Trump's Saturday meeting with Hispanic leaders and how it has been "distorted a bit based on somebody who was in the room."

"He has said exactly the same thing all along: Let's enforce the law. And if you enforce the law, a lot of good things start happening with respect to deporting people who have committed crimes and certainly protecting American workers. Many American workers now feel they're competing with illegal immigrants as well as people in factories in Mexico or China or robots somewhere else. And so we want to be fair to everyone," she explained.

The conversation Trump wants to have about immigration will be about "fairness to everyone," Conway said.

"Not the fairness to the 11 million [illegal immigrants], which is the way that the left characterizes it, but fairness to the American workers, fairness to our communities, fairness to our law enforcement. Fairness to employers also. Should they be asked to do more than sign up for e-Verify and wash their hands clean of that type of enforcement?" she added.

Conway also criticized rival Hillary Clinton and her immigration plans as "so radical."

"In some estimates, she would allow millions and millions of new illegal immigrants over the next several years, and she has also shown a liking to the executive order approach to amnesty. And so she's also broadcasting now she has no interest in working with the Congress on such an important issue," Conway said.