Donald Trump's presidential campaign is facing a lawsuit in a North Carolina court after allegedly failing to discipline a staffer who threatened several of his coworkers with a gun.

Earl Phillip, the North Carolina state director for Trump's campaign, allegedly pointed a pistol at five fellow aides during his time with the campaign while senior staff members ignored complaints from victims.

Vincent Bordini, described as a "dedicated, loyal Trump campaign staffer" in the documents filed Wednesday, sued the Trump campaign after unsuccessfully seeking help from its top brass.

According to the court filings, Trump's North Carolina campaign director pressed a pistol into Bordini's kneecap while driving his Jeep in February.

When Bordini reported the incident to Stuart Jolly, then Trump's national field director, no actions were taken. However, Bordini said he soon learned that Phillip had pulled a gun on at least four other staffers.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump's former campaign manager, also declined to take action against Phillip after he learned of the gun-wielding incidents, the court filings alleged.

Bordini's lawsuit described the fear he felt when Phillip suddenly drew a gun as the two traveled through South Carolina on the eve of the Republican primary there.

"The barrel's pressure crinkled Vincent's blue jeans," the documents said. "Phillip ominously stared sideways while driving the Jeep down the road and the barrel into Vincent."

Jolly left the Trump campaign in April. According to Bordini's lawsuit, Phillip is still employed by the campaign.

The lawsuit is not the first time one of Trump's staffers has faced accusations of violence.

In March, Lewandowski was charged with battery after allegedly grabbing the arm of a female reporter during a campaign stop in Florida. The charges were later dropped after prosecutors declined to pursue the case, but the controversy created days of uncomfortable headlines for the Trump campaign.

A Trump spokeswoman did not immediately return a request for comment on the lawsuit.