Donald Trump's campaign urged voters on Thursday not to buy into Hillary Clinton's economic agenda minutes before the Democratic presidential hopeful was set to take her turn convincing Americans that she is capable of propelling the U.S. economy forward.

"Right now the American economy is only working for the rigged system in Washington and on Wall street, yet Hillary Clinton is running to keep things as they are," Dan Kowalski, a senior policy director for the Trump campaign, said in a statement.

In an outline of his economic agenda on Monday, Trump promised to jumpstart the economy by consolidating the seven existing federal income brackets down to 12, 25 and 33 percent, pursuing aggressive regulatory reform and reduce U.S. trade deficits by re-negotiating multinational trade deals.

Clinton will continue to prescribe strikingly different policies in her speech on Thursday in Warren, Mich. While she is not expected to unveil any changes from her previous positions on taxes, trade or workplace policies, she will push back on the new proposals her opponent has made, like his vow to eliminate the death tax, and double down on her own.

But Kowalski said the economic agenda the former secretary of state plans to lay out would "short circuit our economy by raising taxes, increasing spending and killing jobs."

"Donald Trump presents a better version and a new direction – a plan to unleash prosperity, create jobs and increase wages so that all Americans can succeed," he added.