Donald Trump added eight women to his previously all-male economic team on Thursday.

The GOP nominee unveiled his economic advisers last Friday and faced criticism for its lack of women. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton swiftly blasted Trump for having an economic team of "six guys named Steve."

The additions to Trump's team appear aimed at defanging such criticism. The new advisers include female business executives such as Diane Hendricks, Darlene Jordan, Betsy McCaughey, Brooke Rollins, Carla Sands, Judy Shelton, Liz Uihlein and Kathleen Hartnett White.

McCaughey is a high-profile Obamacare critic who wrote a controversial 1990s New Republic article that helped sway opinion against Hillary Clinton's healthcare reform proposal. Anthony Sacramucci, a formerly outspoken Trump opponent and major GOP fundraiser, also formally joined the GOP nominee's cause.

"These new members of our team are some of the best economic minds around right now, and they will continue to bring new ideas to our campaign that will strengthen and grow our economy," Trump said in a statement. "We can finally Make America Great Again and ensure all Americans have a chance to succeed at the American Dream."

The expansion of his team announced on Thursday afternoon was released just as Clinton delivered a major speech on the economy in Michigan. Trump labeled the speech "phony" before hearing it on Thursday morning.