Donald Trump kicked off his arrival at the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday with an impromptu press conference and an unusual fashion statement.

The Republican presidential hopeful arrived in Laredo, Texas, wearing a baseball cap embellished with his campaign motto, "Make America Great Again," and was met by a gaggle of reporters questioning him about a patrol agents union's last-minute cancellation of a tour of the border with the candidate.

"They invited me and then all of a sudden they were told 'silencio,'" Trump told members of the press. "It's a problem that we will have to get straightened out."

Trump's campaign has been a breeding ground for controversy ever since the business mogul declared his candidacy. During his presidential announcement, Trump advocated for the construction of a wall along the entire southern border and said the U.S. should "make Mexico pay for it."

"You know, I took a lot of heat the first week and then the second week everybody realized I was right," the former reality television host told a group of individuals who met him at the airport.

In reaction to the union's reversal of its invitation to usher Trump around the border, the leading GOP candidate said "they're petrified."

"They're afraid of saying what's happening because they have a real problem here — and I'm talking about the whole border," he said.

Minutes after descending from his private jet, Trump emphasized his willingness to jeopardize his own safety by visiting the border.

"People are saying, 'Oh, it's so dangerous what you're doing, Mr. Trump,' but I have to do it," he said. "I love my country [and] there's nothing more important than what I'm doing."

Upon arriving in Laredo, Trump was greeted by the town's mayor, Pete Saenz, and joined local law enforcement for a short presser before heading to the border. The presidential hopeful thanked the city's residents for what he claimed was a warm welcome and quipped that he plans to hire the city's manager, Jesus Olivares, if he becomes president.

A spokeswoman for Saenz told KCRA that the mayor's office hopes to arrange a tour of a port of entry in Laredo town to give Trump "a different perspective of life on the border."

According to the Dallas Morning News, Trump's campaign said the union who backed out of its meeting with the White House contender did so because it was "totally silenced directly from superiors in Washington who do not want people to know how bad it is on the border."

Following his stay in Texas, Trump will head to Oskaloosa, Iowa, over the weekend where he plans to host a picnic with supporters and deliver a speech in advance of the upcoming GOP primary debate on Aug. 6.