The Redskins are coming off their worst season since 1994. But that doesn't matter in the preseason -- always happy, happy, joy time in Ashburn. So get ready for the onslaught of positive training camp stories. Here are five you're guaranteed to see:

1. Tougher Training Camp » Under Mike Shanahan, the Skins will be more professional, accountable and serious. There will be a video clip of Jim Zorn throwing a tackling dummy at Jason Campbell, then a contrasting shot of Shanahan looking Lombardi-esque.

2. Commander-in-Chief » Quarterback Donovan McNabb is in control. It's his offense and his huddle. This story will be accompanied by an anecdote about the time Clinton Portis overruled Campbell.

3. Offensive Line » You'll hear how Shanahan made his bones with his zone- and cut-blocking schemes, how his offense turned mediocre backs into 1,000-yard rushers. And, oh my goodness, imagine the possibilities with Portis, Willie Parker and Larry Johnson.

4. The 3-4 » Defense was never a problem under Greg Blache. But get ready to hear about the disruptive possibilities of Jim Haslett's 3-4 set, regardless of how it's already alienated their best lineman (Albert Haynesworth) and put their most productive player (London Fletcher) in an unfamiliar spot.

5. New Owner » You'll hear how Dan Snyder is less of a presence at Redskins Park, that he's getting out of the way and let his football people take control, that he's become enlightened, a la George Steinbrenner.