1. Bengals WR Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/Whatever vs. coach Marvin Lewis » Lewis, when asked about possibly trading Ochocinco to New England, said, "Belichick isn't that dumb." Awesome! But nobody is more entertaining than his wideout, who suggested a steel cage match. The two have engaged in public spats before. However, with Ocho being 33 and in the final year of his deal, the end is near.

2. Detroit G Richard Hamilton vs. coach John Kuester » Hamilton hasn't played since Jan. 10. Considering he has started 584 career games for Detroit, that clearly isn't sitting well with him. Amazingly, Kuester hasn't even spoken to him since the benching. Isn't communication supposed to be a big part of coaching?

3. Wizards F Andray Blatche vs. coach Flip Saunders » One is inconsistent, and the other puts him in the game at crucial times even when he [smells]. Here's the thing: Blatche will never be The Guy. Never. Ever. Ever. But Saunders is trying to prod him that way anyway. Not gonna happen.

4. Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth vs. coach Mike Shanahan » Speaking of expecting someone to be something he isn't ... This one will end with them splitting up. That is, at least when the lockout ends. We're guessing Haynesworth wouldn't mind a few minutes in a caged ring with the Redskins boss.

5. Jets WR Santonio Holmes vs. offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer » So another Schottenheimer went conservative in the playoffs. Shocking. Holmes complained about his opportunities vs. Pittsburgh, and it's hard to argue with him. Still not sure why Schottenheimer is viewed as a future head coach.