1. Laughed at Dwyane Wade » He said the Lakers should be considered the clear favorites. Right. After the spectacle put on by the Heat with Wade and his two new friends ("and we're the three best friends that anyone could ever have"), nobody is buying his words.

2. Laughed at Terrell Owens » He claims he's like LeBron James, where he could go somewhere, take less of a role and less money. Here's the thing: Owens would have no choice but to do that at this point of his career. He does know that, right? Wonder how often he's checking his phone to make sure it still works. You know, since it's not ringing.

3. Thought about the MLS » Seriously. OK, for a minute. All right, 30 seconds. But in particular we thought about Thierry Henry signing with New York. This isn't like David Beckham signing with the Los Angeles Galaxy, wanting to raise his (and his wife's) profile in Hollywood. We just wonder how long New York had been clearing cap space to sign Henry.

4. Considered Albert Haynesworth » So ... his personal trainer told the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star that Ol' Albert has lost 32 pounds. We wondered: Would he find that weight if he turned around? Kidding. But this smells to us like a guy trying to impress other teams, not the Redskins.

5. Awaited the British Open » Sorry, Tiger, we're taking the field. This isn't about finding redemption; it's about putting the damn ball in the hole. And bad putting is bad putting. When it changes, he'll win again. Wake us in 2011