The commute from hell is over, thankfully. Here's what we'd rather do than endure another day like Wednesday. (Note: Neither one of us actually, you know, commuted Wednesday, but we heard the stories).

1. Run the conditioning test with Albert Haynesworth -- until he passes » One time wouldn't be so hard -- well, for most people. But what if you had to run it over and over again for, say, 10 days? At least you'd be moving.

2. Watch a Wizards road game » Do we need to explain this one?

3. Listen to the "Best of the Red Zone" » The old Vinny Cerrato show on ESPN 980. Radio magic it wasn't but still. Has to beat sitting on I-66 counting how many cars are on the side of the road. Now if we had to listen to this during the commute? Perish the thought.

4. Attend a debate between NFL players and owners to settle who has it worse » Could take a while. We all know both can make strong cases for how bad things are for them. Why, just the other day we heard one player pondered selling one of his six cars and an owner -- now get this -- told his chef he would have just one lobster tail at dinner Friday. Can you imagine?

5. Watch the George Will-narrated special » "The Greatest Sixth Inning Relievers in History." It contains a 10-minute musical tribute of Tony La Russa's best calls to the bullpen. OK, maybe this video doesn't actually exist. But we wish it did. Watching this would beat watching a sea of red brake lights.