New Year's Day used to mean football, but thanks to AMC, now it's all about the Three Stooges. The cable network ran a Stooges marathon on Saturday. What are the greatest sports-themed Stooges episodes?

1. "Grips, Grunts and Groans" (1937) » The boys are charged with keeping wrestler Ivan Bustoff sober. Naturally they are unsuccessful, so Curly dons a fake beard and takes to the ring as his stand-in. Best Scene » Curly knocks out his opponent with the ring bell, then attacks all who enter the ring to intercede.

2. "Three Little Beers" (1935) » The Stooges are working on a beer truck but head to a golf course when they discover their company is sponsoring a tournament. Best Scene » After hitting his ball into a tree, Curly chops it down.

3. "No Census, No Feeling" (1940) » As census takers looking for people to interview, the boys pose as football players to sneak into a sold-out game. Best Scene » Curly runs for a touchdown and out of the stadium, trailed by Moe and Larry with a vendor's cart, throwing ice cream at the defenders.

4. "Violent is the Word for Curly" (1938) » Working as gas station attendants, the boys are mistaken for professors at Mildew Women's College. They convince the administration that athletics is more important than academics. Best Scene » The boys gang tackle a rich benefactress.

5. "Three Little Pigskins" (1934) » A gangster's moll (played by Lucille Ball) mistakes three street bums (the Stooges) for college football stars "The Three Horsemen." Best Scene » Curly's uniform number is a question mark.